Copyright © 2013 Bohemian Red Images

Copyright © 2013 Bohemian Red Images

The Yellow Kites



Kendall & Erina Ludwig

815-922-0620 / 312-208-3244

“The Yellow Kites are two great writers who happen to be a married couple. Kendall Ludwig is a rock solid guitar player, and Erina Ludwig jumps between harmonica, harmonium, and percussives with charm and mastery. The two of them together have a way of exuding warmth into a room, causing the viewer to feel a part of their great friendship. To see the Yellow Kites is to immediately feel like a member of their community. The Yellow Kites are True Folk Music.” – Liz Janes, Asthmatic Kitty

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Locally based acoustic duo follow their eclectic and quietly impressive debut self-titled album with self-released ‘ALCHEMY’, due AUGUST 15TH.


The Yellow Kites, consisting of Stories of Clockwork front man, Kendall Ludwig and his wife, Londoner, Erina Ludwig are preparing  to release their sophomore offering two years after sharing their love of lap dulcimer and harmonium. The eight new songs have a couple of nods to American folk classics, keeping Appalachia keen in the heart of it.


Alchemy came after a year of sudden losses as a way of navigating back through the grief. As well as Kendall and Erina on guitar, harmonium, lap dulcimer, harmonica, percussion and viola; they are joined by Ryan Teverbaugh (bass), Pat Kellar (drums), Evan Sawada (djembe) and Mae Hodgson (mandolin).


The album delicately captures a new earnestness in its authors to do what music is by its very nature intended to do. From the lyrics to arrangements, there is a clear and rewarding shift from their earlier endeavors.


To support their new album, The Yellow Kites will be embarking on their ‘Birds on the Porch 2013 Tour’ through the Midwest, parts of the South and New England.




  1. Ready
  2. The Devil in Me
  3. Rising Sun
  4. Dirge
  5. Down Slow
  6. Skipper
  7. One for the Birds
  8. Garden



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