A Musical Artist in Residence

Juniper at practice

Hey comrades, it’s been a summer and then some. We’ve seen tornado warnings, flash floods, sweltering heat waves, and in our house an explosion of tomatoes to can and basil to maybe turn into pesto.

But enough of the homesteading rerun: this summer has been about so much good music. Whether friends playing, traveling acts or us having the privilege of sharing our tunes with you all- this summer has been live.

And almost like a nod to all that’s to come and we got some fantastic news. Kendall was headhunted, interviewed and then picked to be the new musical artist in residence at Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, Brownsburg, IN. For 13 hours a week he gets to work on music, arrange and share varying sounds from smoky folk to more genteel hymns. And then there’s the added honor of being part of the growing community in Brownsburg, working with teens who weren’t able to finish school traditionally. It means more music for more days in the week, and that is something we are amped about!

We’ve got more shows coming this month, through September and October. Everything from music festivals to weddings (and a certain winery). The long-left out, but still loved harmonium will make a reappearance and we’re work-shopping some new songs. All good fun. Check out our tour dates:

This after just playing a couple of rollicking great shows at Fountain Square Brewery and an outdoor FSQ house show with The Willowwacks (lovely duo based out of St Augustine, FL) They’re on the road now- check ’em out!

It hasn’t all been golden and glorious though, this is real life after all. A couple of weeks ago our beloved, dopey and very dedicated boxador, Lucy was attacked by a pitbull when Kendall went for a walk with her and Juniper. Thankfully, Lucy is a survivor and is still following us about with those big, sad eyes. She’s even been able to go out for walks again. Her anxiety has reached new heights and we’ve had to keep her in ‘the cone’ to prevent the incessant licking of wounds. (Pretty grim). But like I said, Lucy will live forever because she’s just gold.

In happier news, we finally crossed the 1,000 likes mark on FB! More than a thousand thanks to you all. To the people we’ve met on the road and overseas, who we see regularly and only after long intervals. It’s all because of you. So from the bottom of our very full hearts- we thank you.

Maybe one of our most favorite and last bits of news to share is that our 2 year old now can sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, little star’ at the top of her lungs in any public place where people are least expecting.

Music in her veins and out loud? Please and thank you.

Lucy's cone


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