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How’s it? It’s been too long, but we haven’t been idling away.

April was a busy month, with a performance at the Local Motion show (you must go and check out Antenna Man on June 11th @ 8pm – Rock / Country extraordinaire!), a set on NPR’s Local Motion segment with the dear Mat Davis and the one and only DJ Kyle Long, a night at one of our favorites: New Day Mead and Cider and then the inaugural Wind + Water Festival.

Seriously peeps, thank you so much for the love.

Behind the scenes we’ve been plotting how and where we can shower you with more music. And so, we’re more than happy to announce that on June 7th we have been invited to open for ‘Shel’ presented by MOKB at the HiFi. A quartet of musically flexible, ingenious sisters who’ve got Grammy winning writers donning their caps with more feathers. They are incredible and it is going to be such an honor to share the stage with them! Check them out here:

On June 11th we’re excited to be playing for an afternoon in the sun at the delightfully delicious Easely Winery- as part of their summer program. It’s a great time with kids welcome and so much good wine (and platters too).

This is definitely one of my favorite things about Indy: this growing community of support around musicians and a brightening appreciation of what we have to offer. We aren’t totally there yet, but the love and solidarity among our musician friends makes this one of the best cities to live in.

And then there’s you all. You come to our shows: whether chilled to the bone on November evenings or sweltering in the summer mugginess of July-August time. The love is real.

We love doing this. We want to keep doing this. We also have a baby girl, house and dog to look after, so sometimes it gets hard to make all these dreams realized.

We have new music we’re dying to record and share with you, but it’s taking time to get the funds and the ducks in a row.

Also, those of you with kiddos and no family close by- how in the world do you tour?

There’s a lot of madness and upheaval at the moment and I’m not just talking “Game of Thrones”, but one thing that always rings clear, is true and unadulterated music.


May we always be the bringers of such sounds to you.




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