Adventures / Autumn/Fall tour 2013

Two more golden tickets

  If you didn’t find any over the weekend, you’re in luck. There are still two more golden tickets to be found and here are the clues: ___________________________________________ The Good Earth will lead you to the waterway’s central towpath of stone. Look below the red overpass known by its famous trail’s name. +39.871774, -86.141875 _____________________________________________ … Continue reading


Spring blossoms, lemon and ginger tea, booking a tour.

Hello fellow adventurers and sojourners, It’s been too long, but we haven’t been wasting a moment of it. One social justice book later, full-time teaching English jobs, songwriting sessions, gigs in chilly but fantastic venues, sore throats and feverish colds a nearly knitted scarf later and you’ll find us battering our keyboards. (Kendall booking a … Continue reading