New shows, new band members, new miniature addition

It’s been too long for a simple polite apology. It’s been an incredibly long time. But we’ve been busy. We’ve been making music, writing new songs, drawing out new melodies and instrumentation and playing for faces we haven’t seen before.

All this coupled with the arrival of our darling Juniper Rose. This is a bit of a tardy birth announcement blog seeing as she’s going on 1 next month, but meh… She’s small and mighty with the best cheesy four tooth grin and has been going to shows since she was around 5 weeks old. Champ.

Parenthood and being a musician is not for the faint of heart, especially if your wee one has superbly sensitive hearing (she’ll be playing something by 3, I bet).

But we’ve muddled along and even gotten a new band member or two. Jackie Newton on cello (what mournful depth it adds) and Evan  Sawada on percussion (man’s got rhythm like no other). Together they’ve brought our sound out of the simpler styles to more complexities, bounding energy and movement.

I know you’re curious to know what that sounds like and where better than this Saturday. You could either come to Global gifts, Nora, IN between 1-3pm or Rocket 88, in good ol’ Fountain Square 7pm, where we’ll be part of the booming Virginia Ave Folk fest. Heck, make the day out of it- come to both and feel the music we’ve been crafting.

We’re ready for you.




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