Adventures / Developments

Why, hello 2014…

Magic cards

Winter is known for being the season of deep sleep and waiting, but we’re keeping busy even through the perpetual snow storms, red/orange and yellow warnings.

We’re booking shows, writing new songs, learning to play new instruments and thinking up ways to play before more of you lovely souls.

So far we have three new gigs coming up and we are stoked about them. The Foundry (delicious sandwiches and darling staff), IUPUI (they’ve kindly asked us to share some tunes over a luncheon) and a massive show for our beloved and much missed Jascha.

When all it’s doing is pouring white and ice from the sky, it’s nice to know that our fingers will still get to burn with playing instruments and our voices will be warm singing for you.

Please stay posted for all that we’re doing and if you see us about town say ‘hi’ we love a good chat. If you want us to play for you house show or otherwise drop us an email. We’d be more than happy to oblige.

Be well,


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