New friends, cracked teeth and the wild west.

Well, it’s week 7 of 8 on the grand U.S. tour and we’re still at it, driving ridiculously vast distances, barely eating much besides cereal bars and pita chips or wasabi peas and loading in, playing our hearts out and then rushing off to try and find a place to pitch our tent for the night.

Thing is it’s coming to the end of September, which in Montana (we’re currently in Missoula, though we’re playing Alberton, MT tonight) equates to early winter and the fastest tent set up anyone has ever seen!

So we’ve been down to the (near) tip of the country in Tampa Bay, right up the east coast to Burlington, VT where our organizer forgotten to mention the night he had booked for us to play would also be his rehearsal dinner (crazy times doesn’t cut the mustard on that night). We’ve driven back into our heartland and played a big show in Indianapolis at the Irving Theater with our nearest and dearest there and Jascha doing what he does best (play pulsating rhythms and rock :). We’ve played Chicago where I tried to slip out after our gig with our travel iron under my scarf (Kendall thought that would be an opportune moment to make me stand in the middle of the place and take a picture with it.

We played Lincoln, Nebraska where I got to drive at 80 mph in the rain (with windscreen wipers that weren’t exactly working at the time), but also where we got to make some incredible new friends. Organiser, Joe, Sarah Wilkinson (beautiful, sweet voice) and Amber Konz (that lady has got sass and soul in her cords 🙂 She also took some charming photos that’ll I’ve attached.

And then we hit Iowa to play at Hope church there, everyone of you were sweet, kind and so generous (especially Joy and Lyle Maberry!) Then on to South Dakota where we did some family history (Kendall really- tracing the Ludwigs) and visited the older ones in their resting places and then played one of the most brilliant gigs on the West leg of this U.S. tour- Sioux Falls.

I must add, I am currently obsessed with all things Native Americans so to be driving through the lands of the living descendants sent me into a spinning orbit. At first there were a few people and then they just kept trickling in. They weren’t just the listening sort either. Oh no, this bunch clapped, whooped, whistled, called for more and talked to us afterwards and had a go on our instruments too 🙂 Love you, Sioux Falls. We also were rescued from driving the whole night in the vain hope of finding a campsite by Francisco (a truly, truly, magnificent individual). Still so thankful, man.

And onwards to Montana. Last night was Bozeman, MT and it was iffy to say the least. Stupidly didn’t take any pictures of the walls which were covered in every kind of Montana license plate that’s ever been made and enough dust in the rug on stage to stir up dust devils when we stomped. Oh tour life.

Now we’re in Missoula. The view out here is phenomenal. Adjectives will just be cliched so, I’ll post some pictures and let you fill in the gaps. Oh one thing though. We’ve been camping if we can’t find a floor to crash on, last night was going to be a camping night until every State Park we climbed up mountains to reach ended with “Bears frequenting areas”. By bears we mean the brown Grizzlies. The ones that can stand up to 9-10 ft when upright and trying to pull out from the branches of the tree you’re hiding in. So needless to say we stayed in our car at a rest stop (my doing. Kendall would have wrestled with the bears given the chance). Such a glamorous life.

Oh and as a quick aside before I sign off- I chipped a small molar on the right hand side of my mouth. Darn Orbit- I’ve sworn off the stuff now, seeing as it pulled out parts of my tooth. Can’t wait to see my dentist and have that filled in.

We’ve only got a few more dates left some come out and see us!

Loves you all a lot.

The Yellow Kites

The Rockies

Snakes, beware


One thought on “New friends, cracked teeth and the wild west.

  1. Hello guys!!! Hope you’re tour has gone brilliantly and all things book related have too. We miss you in London but it sounds like you are making the world a more beautiful musical place in the US. Let us know when you’re back for a visit! Love Liz and Julian xx

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