Harmoniums, House shows and stages

Hello again,

Profuse apologies in our tardiness in keeping you up to date with the latest goings on.

The other day I started uploading videos of our tour thus far (they should be available via link under ‘Blog Roll’ on the home page) and then may have forgotten to even send out a note to you all that I had done so (not my sharpest moment).

Right now we’re cosying up in Seymour, TN with Nick and Tessa Defore and their adorable, Elia (the bubbliest three-year-old alive-love her to bits) and it has been a treat no end. Not only was this a generously paying gig (or three as the case may be), but we’ve finally gotten to spend some good, quality time with friends who stayed friends despite us living all the way in London Town for the last year and a half.

We played our Yellow Kites set for the youth on Sat night and it was wonderful. Despite the dimmed lights I could still spot smily faces and hear clapping (Logan Noland-our new favorite friend). Even when we forgot some of Bob Dylan’s Wagon Wheel lyrics, the crowd threw them out to us and laughed along as we strummed, stomped and blew the harmonica through the rest of the set.

Yesterday, we got to play in their two services and it was truly something to hear everyones voices ring out as we taught them the Taize tune, ‘Bless the Lord, My Soul’.

Afterwards we went off with Kendall’s parents and the Defores into the Smokey mountain where walked over age-trodden rocks, narrow bridges and then hopped rocks on the little creek. Kendall went out first and then challenged me to go out (so, of course, I did- bearing in mine my poor coordination and fear of falling). I made some acrobatic manoeuvres which definitely pulled muscles in my side as I clambered around fallen log, but stood victorious upon realising I hadn’t cracked my head open on the rocks below 🙂

Some weekends are just magic and this has been one of them.

The harmonium is now finally in our care and we’re getting used to all the surprises we’re finding (like how much it stinks). Maybe it’s the wood, or maybe it’s the place it was built in, but it’s taking a wee bit of getting used to. Kendall has rebuffed my ideas of putting essential oils in it. Fair play.

We’re still learning and there is so much to uncover but we played a little improv piece earlier (K on guitar and me on the harmonium) and it sounded amazing. Not tooting our own trumpet, but there will be some sweet songs and instrumentals when we’re done with that beauty!

And now to backtrack a bit. Before we curved our way through the Cherokee National Forest we were in Greenville, SC and spent a wonderful evening with the Whitesells. I should make it clear none of us knew each other before this and yet one desperate plea on Facebook, some avid friends and a phone call later and we were rolling up to the cutest house to meet Wes and Natalee and their four treasures (Eli, Abe, Chloe and Mei Mei or Maeve).

Not only did they prepare their stunning guest room for us (think quaint, rustic attic room in Brussels), but they fed us, quenched our thirst, bought us ice-cream (the best gelato I’ve had since Italy- no lie) they were just good people. They are just good people. We felt home. Us wandering musical vagabonds, felt home all around us in the walls, voices, colours, books, crazy puppy (Baxter, who’s a labradoodle 🙂 and old piano sat against the wall.

Natalee even kindly wrote a blog about us. Check it out here:

Touring is without a doubt the gateway into seeing the real America, not just the fluffed up or plain frightening So and Sos (I’m thinking of the Dixie Republic we passed in SC that donned the biggest confederate flag in history). There are so many truly beautiful and a few weird people thrown in for extra measure. Like Jerry, our long-haired, goatee toting sound man in Natura coffee shop who assured us the world would end when a solar wind hits the tropic of cancer and asked us how Facebook was going to help then. Special isn’t the word.

We played a brilliant house show in St Augustine through our friends of friends (Caleb and Crystal Jones) to the most keen and fun audience. We told stories, I sold a some books online, held babies, shared jokes and then ate plenty of carrot cake whilst we regaled them with ‘how we met story’ (apparently the one thing most people are interested in.)

Okay this has turned into one of those mammoth blogs (sorry!)

Kendall’s cooking lunch and I’m famished so away I must go.

Lots of love,


p.s. I got to hold my book in my hands this weekend! And signed some copies – eek! Surreal and wonderful 🙂

Harmonium, baby!

Time to go!

Poster of sorts at Natura cafe 🙂

Harmony makers

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